Elmer 7.5

Study for your radio exams


  • Technician or general exams
  • Exam and question history
  • Grade exam anytime


  • Help guide in PDF
  • No start up page
  • No explanation of figures

Not bad

Radio technicians can now prepare for their radio exams with Elmer. The program has two test levels, technician and general. You can view your exam and question history anytime and even grade your exam before you've finished it to make sure you've got the right answer.

The questions are fairly technical but we were disappointed by a number of issues. There's not startup window to guide you and all the help is found only in PDF files.

We couldn't check if the tests are really up to date and, although Elmer provides extra technical figures it lacks any explanation. Similarly, the program doesn't ever explain the right answer for questions.

Even though the interface is pretty sparse and the application lacks any real guidance, it will at least provide some sort of help to radio experts looking to prepare for their exams.

Elmer will help you study for your amateur radio exams. Elmer is available for Macintosh and Windows systems. Elmer covers all elements, and prepares actual sample exams, which you take on your Macintosh or Windows computer.

Each exam is graded, and you get to see which questions you missed, and the correct answer. After you've practiced using Elmer, you'll be all set to take your written exam!



Elmer 7.5

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